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PowerFlex 80-658


  • Feel the power of extreme cut protection
  • Extreme resistance to cuts, splinters and burrs. The PowerFlex® 80-658 glove protects the wearer with a triple-layer construction that comprises steel, glass fiber and Kevlar®. The glove exceeds EN388 cut level 5.
  • Extra-long cuff offers extended safety for the forearm.
  • The PowerFlex® 80-658 glove is ¾ dipped and liquid repellent, shielding the skin from unpleasant liquid solutions.
  • Good heat contact resistance. EN407 level-2 rating means safe handling of warm objects.
  • Natural rubber crinkle finish provides a firm grip.
  • Long life makes the PowerFlex® 80-658 glove a highly cost-effective solution.
  • Heather green colour helps mask dirt.
  • Excellent washability, with no decrease in comfort or fading.


Ideal Applications
  • Handling heavy loads, metal edges
  • Waste handling: recycling, sorting (glass, cans, metal pieces)
  • Handling of glass sheets, sharp-edged objects
  • Handling of metal sheets, cutting of dry, painted or galvanised pieces



Style #: 80-658
Construction: ¾ dipped
Liner Material: Steel
Coating Material: Natural Rubber
Cuff Style: Long knitwrist
Color: Blue coating on heather green liner
Length (mm): 260-295
En Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging: 12 pairs in a bag, 6 bags in a carton

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