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Electrosoft Class 0



For electrical work with a maximum voltage of 1000 volts. Must be used with a leather overglove.

Reference Number: 2091906
Line: Latex


  • Energy or Electricity
  • Maintenance
  • Telecoms

Product Use: For electrical work with a maximum voltage of 1000 volts. Must be used with a leather overglove.

  • Beige natural latex insulating glove
  • Category RC


Its ergonomic shape and lightly powdered interior make the glove easy to slip on and off.

Its natural latex base offers high dielectric characteristics.
Its thickness ensures good dexterity while offering protection up to 1,000 volts.

It must be used with a leather overglove.
The longer length (41 cm) helps to protect the forearm form dielectric risks.

Technical Descrription

CE CATEGORY : III Irreversible risks
In accordance with standards :
– EN 60903-2003
– CEI 903-2002

– Beige natural latex insulating glove
– Category RC

Product Technology: Dipped Gloves
Glove/liner color: Beige
Coating Type: Latex
Length: 41 cm
Thickness: 1 mm
Harmlessness: In conformity with European standards
Dexterity: Class 0
Sizes: 8 to 11

  • EC Category PPE: 3
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000
  • EC Attestation: EC Attestation
  • EC Attestation Number: 0077/016/078/09/93/0001 – EXT 02/10/06


Life Cycle
Gloves that are used frequently should be tested at intervals less than 6 month.
Gloves that are used only occasionally should be tested after each use and, in any case, at intervals of not more than 12 months.
Gloves held in stock should be retested at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

Storage Information

Store in original packaging (Opaque and antiUV packaging used for protection and instructions for use).
Do not compact or fold.
Do not expose to heat sources (sunlight, radiators, artificial light). Store between 10°C and 21°C.

Care Instructions

Inpsection : Before each use, carry out a visual inspection and check the glove inflation.
Any puncture or perforation makes the gloves unusable.

Precautions : Do not expose to solvents or chemicals that may cause deterioration.Do not use the glove when damp.

Cleaning: use water and soap. Dry below 65°C with ambient humidity

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