Microgard - 1500 Plus

  • Manufactured by: MICROGARD

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1500 PLUS
  • Proven to filter 99.9% of particles > 3 micron
  • Air and water vapour permeable to help reduce the risk of heat stress
  • Use for; Asbestos related work, Powder Handling, General Maintenance, Construction, Laboratories (Low hazard particulates), Pharmaceutical Industries 3 piece hood design. Specially shaped to ensure a good fit with most types of full face respirator
  • Improved body design. Essential to wearer comfort and allows the wearer to complete there task with little restriction.
  • SMS fabrics are a particularly good barrier to particulates, the downside is that the liquid barrier is not at the level of Tyvek material but we shall talk more about the fabric physical properties later in the presentation.

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