Besides providing a range of Personal Protective Equipment and Life Saving Devices, we also provide various services for the products distributed by us.

These services are provided by Authorised Technicians or directly by the Manufacturer, depending on the type of service required.

Some of the Services offered are:

  • Recalibration of Multi Gas Detectors – MSA, Honeywell-BW, RAE Systems
  • Inspection and Recertification of SCBA Systems
  • Calibration and Recertification of various measuring instruments such as Lux Meter, Sound Meter, Anemometer
  • Inspection and Recertification of Fall Protection Equipment such as Lanyards, Harnesses, Self-Retracting Lifelines etc.
  • Project Sourcing – OEM Product Development.

Besides these we also offer certain free services through panel of experts from our Partner Companies for specific risks the customers want to mitigate such as: Chemical Hazard (Hands, Body, Respiratory, Foot Protection etc.), Electrical Hazard, Hand Protection, Working at Height etc.

Please contact us with specific Risk/Hazard you want to mitigate and we will connect you with our panel of experts from 3M, Ansell, Honeywell, MSA etc to help you mitigate the risk.

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